"Words can't come close to describing the affect of which this masterpiece has had on me. However in vain I will attempt to utilize my meager vocabulary and do it some justice. You should just do yourself the favor of sitting your ass down and having it be proven without a shadow of doubt that in 2016 a new golden age of music has begun to unfold...

 Unfolded by The Cabin Project was sent to me as a birthday present weeks before being released. Not only will it be treasured indefinitely it has already made me a better person. I have been meaning to set aside time and write album reviews for a while now. This was the first one where I felt simply listening was an insult and words alone too cheap. It's as if I need to make my own songs just about how much I enjoyed this record.

 It takes no prisoners. Breaking you to your core within the first few songs and those are just warming you up for the heavy hitters that follow. You will go through the entire spectrum of emotion while trying to figure out how to undo past mistakes and simultaneously make future wrongs right! You can't quite explain it, only experience it. Even the hidden track (which you would be a fool to miss, considering you're going to be sobbing long after the music has stopped) is a strong competitor for the best song on the album.

Everyone will find their favorites. Personally Throw and Fingerprints will never be leaving my playlists. They're the kind of songs I would want them playing at my funeral, if it weren't for the whole living until the end of time as a cyborg scenario I'm currently toying around with."



Game Review: Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition


   The majority of RPG fans have already played the original Baldur’s Gate games. There is no question, no debate; no doubt… these were some of the best video games ever.

   Only two were made with an expansion pack for each. Back when expansion packs meant a huge amount of content to extend the game… opposed to the current definition of cut-content already developed sold alongside the game to rip you off.

    Despite raving reviews and a cult following, the uncertainty of the gaming industry kept anymore from being made.

     Eventually Dragon Age: Origins was released as a “spiritual successor”, while a good game it took over five years to develop and didn’t even come close to the scale or wonder or adventure of the Baldur’s Gate games. And with the flop that was Dragon Age 2 it’s clear that Bioware (in its current form) is no longer aware of what made their early games such a success or how to recreate said success. Basically Dragon Age is a very poor candidate to be a successor at this point.

    Enter Beamdog & Overhaul Games companies made by a Bioware co-founder & lead programmer, who apparently are also aware of Biowares inability to continue the work of Baldur’s Gate. So they have taken it upon themselves to do what’s right… to carry the torch.

     So far they have revamped the first Baldur’s Gate, combining the expansion with the base game, upgrading the engine and resolution to that of the second game (something done before by modders, but now integrated to save you from the fuss), added three new characters with their own storylines, and fixed a plethora of bugs, giving you the best experience in one attractive package.

   Honestly? I think this new company is worth giving a chance.

   I’m sure most fans already own a version of these games. The catch is buying old versions from random sites on the internet (or just pirating it) ends up giving the money to anyone but the creators of the game (or more importantly people who are trying to improve the game). Overhaul Games is already working on the Enhanced Edition of the Sequel and have stated that if sales are good they will FINALLY work on the third installment (something that should have been made a decade ago). Better late then never I say.

   We are entering a new age of gaming in which the gamers can directly fund the games they want with their money, as opposed to giving a giant publisher (that did nothing on the games themselves) the majority of the money, forcing the developers out of business. For only $20 it’s very nice to be able to own the original Baldur’s Gate with all the ground work of modding it done for you, also knowing that you’re directly funding Baldur’s Gate 3!

TV Review: Futurama


   Is there no justice in the world!? Is this just a cruel joke!? Cancelled once for no reason, an army of fans demanding its return were needed to bring it back. What a comeback it was... FOUR WHOLE MOVIES! But for what? Two additional seasons? Well there still might be hope for it, but as of now it doesn't have a network since comedy central isn't renewing. I don't even understand the decision, what are they basing it on? Ratings? Who doesn't love Futurama? What do ratings even prove in this day and age? How many people are behind the times? Everyone watches these shows online or owned copies.

   The one silver lining is there is still going to be 13 more episodes to finish the last season. After that I guess it's up to the fans once more... or some other network smart enough to pick up Futurama. Because I just can't handle it being cancelled again...