Movie Review: Knight and Day (2010)

Big Fat Film Review

Two Weirdos, One Good Movie

Everyone knows Tom Cruise is a bona fide weirdo and every day that goes buy Cameron Diaz looks more and more like the Joker with that weird mouth of hers. Regardless this is a very fun film. I actually sat down to watch this movie, while doing other things, thinking it was going to suck. Twenty minutes in my laughter drew the attention of my wife who demanded to know why I was watching a good movie with out her, the gravest of sins, so I set the movies aside to watch with her later. We were both pleasantly surprised at the this film. It's quite action packed and very funny despite the weird actors and the stupid name of the film. Cruise plays a rouge agent who is either insane and trying protecting an important state secret, a new energy device, or he's insane and stealing trying to steal this energy device and sell it. Diaz becomes accidentally involved when she gets on a flight with Cruise and a group of agents tries to take him down. From then on it's a weird and humorous ride as Diaz becomes more and more entangled in the conspiracy and tries to decide what side crazy Cruise is really on. The premise for the film is not super original, but the elements that make up the film and the actual scenes are unique and very fun. This is a surprisingly good movie and I have to say Cruise's real life manic personality absolutely fuels his character in this movie and is a perfect fit. Even if you don't like Cruise or Diaz give this movie a chance and you won't regret it.